NEC drives to support disc quality tests (PI/PIF) with Nero CD/DVD Speed



I just posted the article NEC drives to support disc quality tests (PI/PIF) with Nero CD/DVD Speed.

 In our Media  Testing/Identifying Software Forum Erik Deppe,  author of Nero CD/DVD Speed, has anounced            that a new version of his software  will be available soon that also supports...
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Well done Erik Deppe :slight_smile:


Great News, I think many will love this new feature.


Finally, it’s about time! Thanks to CDFreaks’ and it’s supporters, NEC has seen the light. It would never have been accomplished without CDFreaks encouragement.:g


Hmmm… shows NEC finally listened to my email (and many hundred others). Ben :slight_smile:


And still nothing for my 2510 bought on june 2004 … :c


June 2004 ??? Time to buy a new one :wink:


About Time!:x:X


Amen, thank the lord… i knew all that praying would pay off :slight_smile:


Tanks :X


it’s about time… hehe~~ NEC’s gonna rule!!


And what about LG? :c


That is great news. I just can’t wait!


I just bought a 1620 because it had PI/PIF error scan…I was just missing that on my nec 3500. I think I’m taking it back to get a 3540 :smiley: Thanks NEC, you just got another loyal costumer.


I just love how everyone expects that the NEC’s are going to report useful data. It could quite possibly turn out the same as with Pioneer drives, which are even more useless then LiteON’s for PI/PIF error testing!