NEC drives to feature labelling technology from Yamaha

I just posted the article NEC drives to feature labelling technology from Yamaha.

 Liggy, our  Site Administrator used the news submit during a (very rare) free moment at work to quickly translate this Heise article for us English speaking CD Freaks.       Yamaha...
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great, but will the disks be available for reasonable prices & availability? for 5 min burn, not bad but still lightscribe seems better in terms of quality

“Disc prices are expected to be about 20% higher than for current discs.”

Why bother with this when a 60 quid inkjet printer can do full colour in no time at all

NEC’s official press release

I think that’s a good step, pressure for Lightscribe.

Thank you jsl for the real source… :d

Awesomeness. I still have my Yamaha CRW-F1 with disc T@2 :slight_smile: So am I to understand it refocuses the laser to another “layer” for labeling so that you don’t flip the disc?

From what I understand, the coloured area is on the back of the reflection layer. This means that you will have to flip your discs.

Oh thanks for the info. Sounds like an interesting new tech to play with. Lightscribe is cool, but 27 minutes a disc, not very cool.

Press release ; PDF file and image removed from NEC’s official site

i have Yamaha CRW-F1 with disc T@2 and it was cool at all. the qulity was prety good but it took free space from he disc and it took about a 21 min to burn a full Labeles CD