Nec drives... proper connection



I have 2 ATA HDDs and 2 NEC DVD recorders: 3500 and 3540. I have the 2 HDD at primary chanel and the NECs as this: Nec 3500 sec master and Nec 3540 as sec slave.
The first problem is that my 3500 can’t burn above 14x when has a slave drive on its chanel, while as single it can.
The second is that my Nec 3540 burned a disc @16x as slave with the stock firmware, but when i flashed it to LD 1.W3 it couldn’t reach above 14x.

What should i do? Which is the best connection?

All the burns i say that couldn’t reach above 14x are like this


I have a similar setup.
2x hard drives on primary and on the 2nd IDE channel i have 3540 master and 3520 slave.

Some things you should check.

Make sure your using default Microsoft IDE drivers
In XP make sure Ultra DMA mode 4 or 5 is selected for your hard drives and Ultra DMA mode 2 is set for your optical drives.
You should also check these settings in your system BIOS as well.
Try an 80 conductor IDE cable for you optical drives.


Thanks for your response.

I use default Microsoft IDE drivers
DMA is properly selected for both HDDs and optical drives.
I use an 80 conductor cable.
So the only thing i have to check DMA setings in my system BIOS.

All seems to be OK from BIOS…


You may need a more powerful PSU


There have been reports of Benq drives requiring a more powerful power supply. I haven’t heard of this problem with NEC drives though.
But its maybe worth checking out.


Well, I ve done some further tests with nec 3540 and the result was more odd than the previous.
I burned a TY T02 @16x using create data disc option of the nero cd speed and guess what. The disc reached 16x speed.
Then, i burned a disc again with cd speed but this time writing an ISO image file. The disc was the same (TY T02 same batch), but the speed didn’t get above 14x

Then i realized that all the discs i have burned and reach 16x speed normaly were made by cd speed create data disc option (not .iso burning) This is for both nec 3540 and 3500. So i assume that master or slave has nothing to do with this. Really odd.

*Yes i have defrag my HDDs
*My PSU is only 250 watt

  • I have also used DVD decrypter and Alcohol 120%. Same result :sad:


Hi :slight_smile:
I’m not sure what to suggest but I do know a little about the power aspect
Domestic power supplies are notorious for fluctuations which is why sometimes you can’t duplicate a previous performance so nothing there
Although you power does seem meagre ( by todays standard ) it doesn’t look like a problem area your hard drives aren’t raided so only one drive at a time is likely to be demanding any significant power
Your writer’s even when writing on the fly will tend to alternate between the two so even though NEC due use a fair amount of power ( compared to Plextor which is probably the most efficient ) it is nothing like a BenQ
Master for a writer is ideal but I tried various formats & my Plextors (716) & NECs (3540a) seemed fine regardless master / slave setting
Currently I have PM:716 PS:716 SM:3540a SS:3540a
Three pairs of raided (0) Maxtor DM 200GB
Oh almost forgot f/w often upgrades can resort in lowering top speed in the interests of reliability this is the case apparently with f/w 101 3rd ed (1.W3 is based on this ) I don’t know this for sure but I do know someone at HP R&D which is where this came from Remember if speed is that important you can always go back


Thank you for your response.

I wonder if the hard disc is sending data to the recorder when the create data disc option in cd speed is chosen, because i can’t understand what is different and i get these results. Maybe Erik Deppe can give us an answer…


Is the ISO file your burning on C:\ drive?
If you have room on that drive transfer it to C:\ and try again.


I have tried both C:\ and D:\ with no luck.

C:\ —> WD 80GB JB (40% full) (windows xp pro sp2)
D:\ —> WD 60GB BB (alomost full, but i had tried when it wasn’t full too) (files)