NEC Drive stopped burning TDK DVD+Rs



Hi, is it possible that a NEC drive suddenly stops burning certain media.

I bought 2 25-packs of TDK DVD+Rs, at first I had no problem burning on them, then one time i was burning on one of them but the progress bar stopped and the red light kept flashing for several minutes, so I restarted the machine.

Since then, I could successfully only burn like 1 in 10, but I put a SONY DVDR and it burns the same stuff no problem at all. See, I also burned to FujiFilm, Memorex with no problems, but TDK just doesn’t want to do it.

I’d hate to think that I just got a bad batch of media, since I could burn to some of it.

Also, what’s good media for NEC drives? Now I’m afraid to buy 25 packs anymore.


I’m a total newbie, but I’ve read about this and seems I recall it may have something to do with your DMA/PIO drive “transfer mode” setting. From what I’ve read, your drive can switch it’s error reading mode on it’s own (by experience) for certain types of media. Then, it can stay in that mode. If you get some bad disks (or dust on your lens), things get slowed down to a crawl every time you use that brand of disk. To check to see if you are in DMA, or PIO transfer mode:

Start/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager/ Double click: IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Double Click Primary IDE channel. Click on Advanced Settings tab. See here if your Transfer Mode is set to “DMA if available.” If it says “PIO only,” then set it back to “DMA if available” and try your burn again with that media.

Hope it’s as easy as that to fix your problem.

The TDK’s are good disks generally. My 2500A loves the TDK 4x in + or -R. I’ve had excellent experience with the +R 4x Ridata branded Ricoh’s (100 pack for $37 after rebate) from as well.


yeah, I checked that, it seems ok, that is transfer mode is “DMA if available”.

any other trouble shooting tips? Again I burned a dvd on SONY DVDR no problem, tried TDK and bam another coaster, already like 15 of them.


oh, yeah, my drive is NEC DDW-061, thanks


You may have a bad batch of media there if you are burning OK with other like media. The TDK is quality media, normally. You may want to send that back to the factory for a replacement. They’ll do it if you provide the coasters with the unused portion.


Over the last months have found some faulty TDK+R discs within those packs they are selling - up till now burning another disc from the same pack without problem.