Nec drive flash help

Hello all,
I got a USB Slim dvd writer _NEC DVD+RW ND-5100A USB drive.
I tried firmware flash tool from and the windows flash utility from None of them seems to work.
The dos utility doesn’t seems to be able to find the usb dvd writer.
The windows utility told me the flash is completed but when I check my devicemanger or nero drive info tool, it’s still stays at the original firmware of 1.30.

Can anyone please help me?
Thank you.

you should check the ND-5500 RPC1 firmware from dangerous brothers.
This one is als capable of updating your drive to a ND-5500 with +/- functionality. I did the same with my 5100 and it is working fine.
Check the 1.51 Windows flasher RPC1.


Do Not Flash It!!! You Win Nothing At All!
I Have The Same Device And I damaged It With These “updates”!

How often have you flashed it then?
There is always a big point which can generate trouble when flashing: who is doing it. Just the truth…

Important rule is: Do not flash trough USB!!!

When you flash from DOS, it’s necessary to have a DOs-USB-driver of course.

in this forum is my problem with NEC DVD+RW ND-5100A (Fujitsu-Siemens)

As also pointed out here, the patch from TDB works fine and were tested successfully before.

i did it. now it is recognised from system as DVD-RW, but it still
works as CD-RW. it doesn’t read DVDs. I repeat, it is on
Fujitsu-Siemens laptop.