NEC drive conversion tool does not see CB-2100A

An idea why ?

The drive converter simply does not support a CB-2100A. Actually I haven’t heard about such a drive at all. Google tells me it’s a combo drive, so I’m not sure what you want to achieve with the drive converter at all.

Thank you for your answer : it will avoid me to make silly things !
It seemed that I have read that the letters before the number are not significant. So, I want to upgrade the CB-2100A as 2500 like ND-2100 …

For information, I have successfully used your Bootcode flasher and Binflash Win32 GUI on a ND-6650A. This was made in situ on a laptop Dell under Windows XP Home.

ND was used for NEC DVD burners, AD is used for Optiarc DVD-Burners, CB seems to be for Combo Drives (Write CD, Read DVD), NR as far as I remember means CD-Burner, BC is BluRay Combo (Write DVD/CD, Read Blu-Ray), BR is BluRay Reader, DV for DVD-ROM, NR for CD-RW and finally CD for CD-ROM