Nec disc write problem

i just got some new dvd-r on sale and they won’t work with my burner. they are fujifilm 1x to 16x. i checked the disc info and the appear to be made by ritekf1.

i just updated to maddog 2f9 firmware. are these disc useless to me or can i get them to work?


So you’ve got a ND2500/2510 I guess. I guess the relatively old firmware just won’t recognise this new 16x media.

The last official NEC firmware was 15 Feb 2005 which might be more recent than the 2f9 you’re using.

i had the 2.18 installed but it didn’t work either. stinks that i can’t use the media.

It’s to be expected as new 16x media comes along & you’ve got older burners. That’s why I retired my 2500.