Nec - Clv, Cav, Zclv, Zcav? 3500, 3520?



Hi everyone? I know that CLV stands for constant linear velocity and refers to constant speed while writing. And Z stands for zone where at particular zones the speeds incerase and remain the same. Now CAV on the other hand stands for constant angular velocity and Z factor remains very much the same. Now if someone is kind enough please let me know what are the differences in terms of 3500 and 3520 in relation to above (a chart would be helpful) and does it make a differnence if written in CLV instead of CAV. Also does the media type make a difference -R or +R (as plus starts at some wierd 2.4x where as minus at 2). What would you recommend as the ideal speed to burn discs and whether 3520 has anything better than 3500 in this issue? Thanks


Both the NEC 3500A and 3520A use CAV with AOPC technology to burn at the highest speeds.
For more info see the NEC FAQ and the Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9 review.


According to my tests with cdspeed 3500 writes :
4x : CLV
8x,12x : Z-CLV
16x : CAV

Personally I prefer CAV than Z-CLV because I don’t like the speed jumps. But maybe that doesn’t really play a big role. Still, CAV is a little faster (a few seconds) than all Z-CLV methods.