Nec Burner

I have a _NECDVD_RWND-3540A DVD BURNER and for some reason it takes 7 hours to burn a DVD. I know its my computer (HP Pavilion 501n) because I bought bestbuy’s DYNEX DVD BURNER and it took just as long as the NEC.

If someone could tell me what’s wrong and how to fix it I would greatly appreciate it.

                                THANK YOU!


But 7 hours for a single DVD looks like a new world record to me. The slowest burn ever :slight_smile:

are you using software for fitting a original DVD-movie onto a DVDR and do you have a older slower type computer? (I dont know the speed of a HP only by the modelnumber)

then maybe its the new encoding proces that takes this long?

Yup, maybe a defragment tool is running the same time…

use nero cd/dvd speed and create a disc and post the graph that will tell the tale