NEC burner not working - XP



I’m new to DVD burning. My laptop doesn’t seem to recognize my dvd burner - NEC USB2.0 DVDRCDRW NEC 8X DVD-R/RW DVD+R/RW 32X16 CDRW

I’m using XP. I try to burn a dvd but the time its showing to burn it just keeps increasing (to several hundred hours) and it seems like its not working - although when I pull out the dvd I see that it has written about 1/4 of an inch.

Additionally, under “My Computer” , it just shows up as a CD drive. I can view CDs and DVDs from it, but I cannot burn CDs or burn DVDs to it. I do have a DVD - CDRW built into my ProStar laptop also. When I use Nero to try burning a CD to the new NEC drive, it doesn’t seem to see the new drive, just sees Image Recorder (CD-R/RW) and E:Toshiba DVD ROM SD-R2212 [CD-R/RW] - not sure what that image recorder actually is.

For burning dvds I am using CopyToDVD, shrink 3.1 etc… Anyone have any insight on how to get the NEC USB 2.0 drive working?

Any help much appreciated.


It could be that your burning software is outdated and thus doesn’t support this writer model. Most products can be updated freely by downloading the latest version from the producer’s website and installing it over the installed version. For CopyToDVD, go to VSO Software’s website and get it over there.

If that doesn’t work out, I recommend to download Nero burning rom and see what it does. It’s not that I want to sell Nero or so :wink: but Nero is quite up to date with writer support, so it is a nice piece of software to test with!

And euh… welcome aboard!!!