NEC burner ND3450A failed to burn disk

Hi all,
I have a Dell Dimension 8400 PC fitted with a NEC DVD+/-rw model ND3450A burner and Sonic RecordNow software version 7.3. This combination burns any DVD,s,C.D,s and VCD,s without problem up to now.However I have recently upgraded my Adobe Elements 3 to Elements 5. I was able to burn VCD Slide Shows without problem with my burner on Elements 3. On the new Elements 5 I am able to burn a backup of my Organiser (all 3000 photos ) on C.D,s however if I try to burn a VCD SlideShow the wizard converts the files to MWV files and then attempts to burn the VCD but always fails with the message “Failed to burn Disk”. I have contacted Adobe who suggest that my burner is incompatable with the software but have not helped any further. I emailed them and asked was it anything to do with the mwv files but they do not answer. Can anyone help?