Nec binflash

As the cdfreaks binflash website is down i have temporarily put the binflash on my web server. If a mod wants me to take it down id be happy to do so, but am just doing this to help. It is the same file i have downloaded from this website, but i have put it into a zip file, to save space on my server. Thats about it. If you want access to it its at

Oh yeah, also if you want me to put more of the flash files for other systems, id be happy to do so, just send the files to my email, but pm me before you do so, i dont want to open virus’s you understand ^__^.

All files are now on, including linux, mac, etc

Hi :slight_smile:
Good to see them there at last. :cool:
Not needed but thanks for the credit (which ultimately should go to L & D whose site was the source in better days, soon to be restored no doubt).

Good initiative haveacigar, although I think all NEC users know where to get necflash/“binflash” WinGUI when Liggy/Dee-27 download doesn’t work; :slight_smile:

Dont think you have the latest necflashX, but you can find newer version here.

BTW, why did you post this here and not in NEC forum section… :wink:

thanx a lot!! Ive beeen looking for them since at least a week, couldn’t find an avalaible link… Now that’s simply about salvation!!! :iagree: :clap: :smiley:

hmmm… ive seen that website, but didnt know that you were able to download the tools for it. As for the nec forum section… i dont know lol

well, as the binflash website is back up, im removing the files from my server. You have access to it at