Nec better than lite on?


i’ve a lot of problems with dvd-r with lite on 851 s.
are you sure that nec is better ?
2 friends of mine have no problems with all kind of dvd (-r,+r,4x,8x)

Heh…heh…this is the NEC forum … so yeah NEC is better than LiteOn :bigsmile:

Seriously - the NEC has much better write quality on a variety of media … NEC is not the best reader - but its not shabby either.
I would say with regards to write quality, NEC (2500 and maybe even 2510) is probably as good as it gets…

In what way ? I guess all depends on your needs.
When it comes to reading, LiteOn is superior / writing - NEC is the king.

I had a lot of problems with DVD-R on my LiteOn 811S, but I merely had to switch to an older (!) firmware to solve the problem. I don’t know the best firmware for -R on the 851S, but I’m sure someone in the LiteOn forum knows.

Best firmware for LDW-851S for -r is GS0H - the latest, however, the NEC ND-2500A indeed is a better burner than any LiteON.


NEC for my writer, though I have a Liteon as my DVD-ROM which works nicely.

Then you should be asking in the LiteOn forum and not the NEC forum! :wink: People’s best-firmware opinions with 851S -R vary. Some claim that GSU1 (based on UYS1 for the U18A) is best, some claim that GS0H is best, and then there is the new [thread=97605]GSC2[/thread] (my personal favorite) that you could try (unfortunately, there hasn’t been much -R tested on GSC2, though the one G04 burn that was posted looked marvelous). So I’d suggest that you try these three firmwares and see which of these three works best for you when doing -R.

I had problems with my liteon, now just use it as a reader, and write with my nec. Nec trumps it.

I love my Liteon 52X for CD-R burns, but you can see the build quality difference immediately between the two drives just in the tray mechanism. The NEC is solid and smooth working, the Liteon kinda flops around a bit. =)

i use my nec 2500 for all dvd writing.
i use the liteon 52X for cd burning and my LTD-166S dvd rom for dvd/cd reading.