NEC announces no glasses 3D display

I just posted the article NEC announces no glasses 3D display.

NEC is the latest company to develop a new display that offers a 3D view of images on the screen without the need to wear specialized glasses.

The new 12.1-inch display should become available in…

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This is all well and good. 12.1-inch is small though. Bigger will likely follow. The question is this: When 3D Blu-ray is ready will it work great on this display. I find it amazing that so many different 3D technologies are coming out while the standard is still being formalized. What happens when some of these new and promising technologies fall outside the standard. 3D-war?

Well so much for 3d going away. I’ve seen so many people say on other articles how 3d will fade away because it did in the past, that history repeats itself. Well if that is the case then how come this wave has far outlasted the others. The wave of the 1950’s last about 2 years. This one started with Polar Express in 2004 almost five years ago, and the numbers turning out for them is only growing. I said it before and I will say it again. 3d will not totally take over, not everyone will want a 3d television, but many will buy one. Those who do not like 3d thought their group was the only one that existed just because no one was going to 3d movies, but also studios where not making any either, so how could we go. Their assumption is a little off. Just because you don’t like 3d and there are others who don’t, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a significant enough numbers of people who do like it to keep it going.

If you don’t like 3d then go to the 2d showing. How difficult is that. Don’t by pass the 2d and go to the 3d showing and then complain on here.