I wonder what Liggy and / or Dee thinks of this NEC/Sony deal.

Just curious…

I had a strange feeling when I read this at first. I only hope that the drives are manufactured by NEC just like before.

If sony make them i will stop buying any NEC,s
But the other way round then that a different story…

Agreed, I owned a sony710, and the disks it burned wouldn’t play in my stand alone player, but ANY nec drives burned disk will play fine.

I think i’ll wait and see, there were rumours about a NEC/Liteon deal. That turned out to be untrue. so, i’ll wait and see :smiley:

Could be a liteon/nec/sony deal in the long run. I guess Pioneer is still in business!

From my own news reaction:

Be serious. NEC didn’t have much choice. LG and Samsung have half of the world’s ODD market. The rest are divided among Taiwanese and Japanese makers. Sony plus NEC just have 2 billion USD yearly share which isn’t much for such giants. Look at what NEC’s president said: “becoming the top vendor in this sector.” Both Sony and NEC thought only working with another major Japanese player could work. Their biggest competitors are naturally HLDS and TSST.

I agree, I have avoided anything Sony for some time, for obvious reasons.

But Sony has more chips for the new game which is why Sony will get 55% control of the proposed body.

I’m waiting for the NEC/Liteon/Sony/BenQ/Plextor rumor myself.

After the recent Sony “rootkit” furor, I’m a little leery of anything with the Sony name on it…

It started right from the moment Sony bought Columbia. We all let it happen.

According to Impress Watch the new company will develop and produce DVD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD Drives for Sony and NEC.
Sony says that they will order Blu-Ray Drives from the new company and NEC will do the same with HD-DVD. But the R&D for next gen. format will be done at Sony/NEC and not at the new company.
Link to Impress article

Interesting news from SlySoft, on the front page of their web site:

AnyDVD tackles Sony DRM Rootkit Virus!If AnyDVD is installed and active on your PC, the new so-called “Sony DRM Rootkit Virus” has no access to your system and the affected audio CD appears unprotected regardless! Another good reason to get AnyDVD!

I may actually break down and buy this software. I have always relied on DVDDecrypter, but this is starting to look more interesting.

Some of the best money I have ever spent. I think there is still a discount for CDFreaks.

I hope they aren’t sold with a free rootkit included :wink:

Seeing as how this is an official company press release, this is quite far from being a rumor.

What is most interesting about this is the future of Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD because Sony is de facto leader of the Blu-Ray camp and NEC is the de facto leader of the HD-DVD camp. I’m not sure how long the co-existence mentioned earlier will last given how heated the industry politics around this format war has been.

In any case, I would venture a guess that any CD or DVD drives produced by this JV will be based on NEC technology. Sony doesn’t have any (recent) in-house CD/DVD technology of its own as it has been outsourcing such things for quite some time now.

Very interesting indeed…
Especially the info from koba and Impress.