NEC and ProdiscS04

Just found these @

NEW Bulkpaq 4x/8x Speed Branded (ProDiscS04) 4.7GB DVD-R

Pack Size/Type: 25 RETAIL TUB.

Comments:The fastest DVD Media available, 4x/8x speed DVD-R…PRICE BREAKTHROUGH !
Due to short term firmware issues … temporarily REDUCED to a silly low price !

£4.75 .

I have a NEC 3500A burner and from their homepage they guarantee that they will burn @ 8x in 3500A. Just wanted to check if anyone has been using ProDiscS04 discs in the NEC3500A?

hey i pretty sure these can burn at 16x. not sure about with stock firmware as i dont have any to test that. this are far the best type of disc for those bulkpaqs. they are a really good buy at that price.

They will burn at 16X on the NEC3500. They are generally good discs

WHOA, then maybe i should more then 4*25 that i was thinking about :slight_smile:

ordered 50 from there yesterday so hopefully will be there when i get home tonight to test

I almost got the Benq DVD-R’s they have @ that site but then when I hit check out I noticed that the purchasing code for their advertised 8X BenQ media was BENQ4XDVD-R25. A bit misleading if you ask me.

I thought something about their advertising slogan was a bit fishy …“Very High Quality Benq Branded 8x Speed 4.7GB DVD-R” as apposed to ‘Very High Quality 8xSpeed Benq Branded 4.7GB DVD-R’. They must think they are being clever with the wording.

That £4.75 “NEW Bulkpaq 4x/8x Speed Branded (ProDiscS04) 4.7GB DVD-R” deal does look like a winner though. Just a word of caution however…why is it that on the 2nd page of the DVD-R section they appear to be selling “Bulkpaq 8x Speed Branded 4.7GB DVD-R” for £6.75…whats the difference?? :confused:

It seems you really have to read the wording with these guys or you might get caught out…Anyone have good experience with …digitalpromo??

imho, as a seller/distributor of media myself, i wouldn’t really trust that ad.
I may b wrong, but from the discs supplied to me, the Bulkpaq orange-top originally used the fake TYG02 media (infosmart discs), and have recently been replaced with the fuji code (hence the price diff between the two types offered).

I do know bulkpaq do often use the prodisc dye, and from my tests i can confirm those are very nice quality… but that said, i’ve only ever seen bulkpaq use the prodisc dye on there printable discs

I bought from them for the first time last week - no problems and quick delivery.

I did go for the 8x Benq and the special Bulkpaq this afternoon.

1.What’s the better media between “Prodisc S04 & FUJIFILM 03”??

2.Also even if that BenQ they are advertising turns out to be 4X media branded, is 8X the fastest it will burn with our NEC3500 drives??


They guarantee that the NEC 3500A will burn them at 8X when you press more details and check these discs. But is it true that they might burn @ 16X ?

Yeah! but go to checkout ClasH…you’ll see that their purchase code is"BENQ4XDVD-R25" so I assume they are the 4X version…hense the reason they have surreptitiously removed the speed from their picture. :wink:

Therefore they are not the type that will do 16X burning with the NEC 3500. However someone may know more.

Well we got the MEDIA ID: ProdiscS04
and these are infact rated @ 8X. And if the box comes and it doesn´t say 8X on the box il get back to them and also go to the costumer service for false advertisement

Yeah!..My bad ClasH…I was referring to the BenQ discs…For all I know the ProdiscS04 BulkPaq bargain should be real…cause then it would be false advertising…I may get these rather than the BenQ’s myself…though I don’t like how this company is playing chess with their advertising articulation. :Z

I haven’t seen any proof of the ProdiscS04 discs doing 16X myself however.

richy99, would love to see scans after you receive the media

I have Orange Bulkpaq 8x DVD-R ProdiscS04 and max available speed is 8x in all firmwares I’ve tried.

well i burned 1 disc last night started at 4x til it got to 20% then it kicked up to 6.2x until 50% then after that burned the final 50% at 8.3x this was using dvd decrpter to burn a .iso file. The speed was set at max but never went above 8.3, dvd decrypter id’d the media as prodiscS04 and rated speeds of 1,2,4,8

This is using Herries 2.17 fw

somsone link me to the software that does the scans and i will see what i can do later when im home from work, yeah imn too lazy :smiley:

Thanks for the update richy99 :slight_smile:

Just run Nero CD-DVD Speed from the ‘Nero Tool Kit option’. Just run the ‘Transfer Rate’ Test off of the ‘Run test’ tab and click the little ‘Floppy’ icon at the top of the window to save the ‘png’ image and then upload it here. :slight_smile:

My order has just arrived from Digital Promo.

The Benq are 8x. Identified as SONY08D1 - with 12x and 16x burning options.

The Bulkpaq special deal are 8x. Identified as PRODISCS04 and max burning is 8x.

Not actually burned anything yet with either.

Thanks for the info. Rambaud :slight_smile:

Glad my analysis was a load of crap …hehe!!

Just ordered 2 lots of the BenQ and some of the Bulkpaq special deal ones myself. :slight_smile:

Im putting an order on monday :slight_smile: .
Thx for the answers, Liggy if you see this maybe we can get a 12X or 16X support on your speeduped firmware :slight_smile: