NEC ad7173

i would like to watch movies (dvd or ripped avi) in silence - is this a software problem or firmware to spin dvd-rom with appropriate (not to high) speed?

i tried with few different bioses… liggy’s original M1 an rpc1 + riplock, i do not hear the difference:)

any help? thanx!

You could use Nero’s utility to check the reading speed of your optical device.Ussually 2x is more than enough to enjoy your DVD movie (with fast forward and backwards fully functional) without any disturbance from the drivers noise.

is there any automatic way - some modified drivers, that would take a look and see there is an overspeed, according to data transfer or sth?
if i can see the light for reading is flashing less then 50% of time, i do not see the reason why some software would not automatically adjust the spin speed…

i have tried that nero’s app, it would do, yes… if nothing better :slight_smile: