NEC AD7170 help :(

I have just installed my 7170. I was replacing a 3520A because I thought the drive was broken. Now I’m thinking it’s a driver/firmware problem but I really have no idea for sure. The 7170 is having the same problem as the 3520. I can see the drives in the device manager(it has a ! beside it), and they will read the boot CDs from windows and asus and all of that, but they won’t read normal CDs or DVDs or be reconginized in the “my computer” screen.

I tried updating the drivers through windows, and I have been looking all around for a driver for the 7170 but I can’t find one, even on the NEC site. I haven’t dealt with firmware much so I can’t say for sure if that’s the problem or not.

Any help here would be great. Thanks!

try to remove any software like daemon tools, alchool, and the you can remove the ide chanels, there is a threat here, saying how to enable dma, try to find it, it says how to remove the ide chanels.