NEC AD-7630A on Toshiba Satellite M40




I have EXACUTELY the same problem like Sterlock did (… I just bot a Sony NEC Optiarc 7630A (it’s been recognised as Optiarc) drive and placed on a Toshiba M40-184 nb. BIOS doesn’t see it at all, although w2k3 see it and can use it. The big prob is that if i deside to change OS then… !!! i cannot BOOT from 7630A !!!

What can we do about it???

Please help… because the other solution i have is to buy the Mathita UJ831S (the original M40 drive) that cost 272Euro + 19% (VAT) !!!


I guess that this 7630A drive can be switched from master to slave (that’s what is needed to make most drives work on Toshiba laptops). However I have not heard of a 7630A before and in order to change your drive it needs to be recognized first. That means you will either have to use a different (non-Toshiba) laptop or a desktop PC with a slimline adapter and then we still need to figure out how to change the master/slave settings of this specific drive, but maybe the tools for the other Optiarc slimline drives will work.


Yo all, just a quick heads up of your still having issues, this post led me to the solution to my problem so thanks to both for a start.

I have an Sony Nec ad-7630a drive, I got this as a replacement drive for my Toshiba A120 Sat Pro. BIOS and Windows would not see it, I downloaded the file from .

I had to get the drive attached to a PC to use the conversion tool, I sued this .

I changed the ATA setup on the drive to “Reverse ATA”. This works a treat.

I’m posting this in detail as Toshiba were no help what so ever and google only gave me half the answer, so for others trying… there you go.