NEC AD-7543A problem!

I’am new on this forum, forgive me but my english is not so good. :o
I have a big problem with : DVD Multi recorder with Label Falash AD-7543A (NEC)
After instal in the slim select by frame, and lock this in notebook
Toshiba 2450-201 during start system Windows XP Home Edition with Service
Pack2, drive only blinks for a moment, bat after full system start I
can’t open this drive.
Diuring sytem start I can read on screen “IDE #1Error
What I must do?
Thanks for every info!!! :bow:

Welcome to the forum.
You may find your answer here. Although this information is aimed at a different model, i would think the same applies to the AD-7543A. You will need a new bootcode flasher however.


First let me thank you for your bitsetting firmware for the 7551, it helps me a lot working while traveling.

Now my question: Is the 7543A technically identical to the 7551?
I can see no difference in the specs.

Thank you very much in advance for you answer!

All the best


While the specs on both drives may be the same, they probably do not share the same hardware. At least the 5540 architecture (same hardware) seems to be different from the 7551 if you look at the firmwares.

Thank you Liggy!

The last firmware for the 7551 is from February 2006…do you think that we could at least use the 7543 write strategies and implement them in the latest 7551 firmware?
I now this would be a lot of work for a small group of people…but still i try to be brave and ask.

Thank you also for all your efforts in firmware matters for my 3500 and 7551 drives!

Thank you