NEC AD-7543A on Toshiba Satellite M40

Hi all! I’ve replaced my original Panasonic for NEC AD-7543A and here is the problem:

In BIOS before I had primary HDD and primary ODD (dvd rw) detected.
Now I have only HDD left. Windows does detect my NEC burner, but I get it stuck in PIO.


  • removing dvd rw and secondary controller and restarting PC
  • removing key from registry
  • diable anyDVD

Any clues anybody?

Could it be incompatibility between burner and my laptop? I have 2 days left to return it to seller…

Since you’re using a Toshiba laptop, it is probably a master/slave issue. I guess you will have to convert it to work as a slave device.

:bow: :bow: :bow:

It did worked!!! Thanks a lot for your advise I really appreciate your help!
Now I’m out to burn things - my hdd is going to explode from too much data on it :wink: