Nec ad-7540 ad-7543

Does exist a firmware to make this units from csel to reverse ata??

You don’t need a firmware for this. There’s a tool available to change this setting.

Thank you Liggy!!! I love you :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

I have a toshiba satellite m30 and my dvd burner died… Have you any previus experiences with this dvd burners and my notebook?


Dont know about Toshiba, but I have just bought a 7543 drive and flashed it with Liggy / Dee BT, RPC1 Firmware, and it burns great. About 20-25% faster than my old 6500. Using it with a Dell Latitude D410.

For anyone who cares, the Bezel from a 6500 fits right on a 7543 drive.

Thanks Liggy / Dee for the firmware. This is my 4th NEC drive I have bought because of the work you nice people do here.

6100 -> 6500

Don’t tell my wife about that! :eek:

I have a toshiba satellite m30 and my dvd burner died… Have you any previus experiences with this dvd burners and my notebook?

No. I only have a 7551 drive in an IBM laptop.

And about ad-7540a? Experiences?

PS thank you Liggy and Oz.


I have a Toshiba Satellite M40, that came with some crappy Matshita UJ-841S.

Replacing it with the AD-7543A was a matter of seconds thanks to my good ol’ Swiss knife (except for the CSEL operation… had to find some slim-ide adapter and desktop pc). Everything works like a charm now. This is a great drive, with interesting patched firmwares thanks to Liggy. :wink:
One downside though, the reading speed is unfortunately too high and noisy - it’s 10x minimum for CD, 6x for DVD.

Thank you for your replace!!! Have used the same tool whose liggy talked in his first post?

Yep, I used the tools from this page (look at the bottom).

In case you’d like to know, here’s what I did step by step:

  • removed the old drive (held by 4 or 5 tiny screws under the laptop)
  • plugged the new drive in some desktop PC thanks to the slim-ide adapter (alone on 2nd IDE channel, at the end of the cable)
  • boot the desktop pc under Windows, launched the Reverse ATA tool (so that the new drive is internally set as Slave), shutdown.
  • plugged the new drive in the laptop, boot under Windows, drive recognized as Master now!
  • last step: set the device in PIO mode (just in case), then updated with some sweet firmware by LiggyDee, reboot, set back to DMA mode, done.

This drive is really great, read and write speeds at the top, lots of functions etc.

does it work in a desktop pc?


can I use this unit like a burner dvd in a pc desktop?

Of course… if you have both the appropriate slim-to-ide adapter & slim-to-5.25" rack.

What is this of the slim-to-ide adapter? Can it be bought anywhere?

Can you post photos from this piece, please?

I’m gonna get an Nec AD-7543A and it seems I’m gonna have to do that because the drive I’ve got now (a shitty QSI SDW-041) is established in the secondary IDE channel!


I bought mine at for 8 or 9 €. It allows attaching a slimline drive to a regular IDE cable.

But don’t mix up primary and secondary channel. The conversion is only needed for master and slave changes. 95% of all users who need this have a Toshiba laptop. So chances are that your drive will run out of the box.