Nec ad-7203s



Hi all!

I have a real problem…my Nec AD-7203S will play cd but wont play dvds …i have tried upgrading the firmware and still nothing happens, i had a recent problem where my pc wouldnt recognize the dvd player at all and by following instructions on a different forum i went in the registry and deleted the upper filters etc…that made it visible again but now it seems that i cant play any dvds, i have also uninstalled and reinstalled the device but nothing much is happening so im in a dead end…any help would be much appreciated!


Sounds like the DVD laser has failed. You can try cleaning the drive, but it is likely dead. Time to buy a replacement.


Are you trying to open data dvds, or are you talking about dvd movies? Is this on Windows XP?

If the subject is dvd movies, have you been able to play them on this computer in the past with this drive? Or another dvd drive?

Windows XP doesn’t come with a native dvd video decoder, so you have to use third party programs like PowerDVD or VLC or Media Player Classic. If you haven’t got this type of software, try VLC to play a commercially made movie…


I have been able to play dvds there before and also it wont recognize any program dvds such as roxio media creator…but it will play cds…seems bizzare…the operating system is indeed windows xp service pack 3 all original!..dont really know what to do…thinking of bying a new dvd player:sad:


I forgot the most importand…Thank yo uguys for your kind replies!


If it is not playing data dvds either, then I have to agree with Dogg, that it sounds like the laser that reads and writes to dvds has failed. Is it still under warranty?