Nec Ad-7173 & Nec Ad-7173a

Dear CDFreak Members,

I have 2 Questions,

1st Question

First is there any Difference between the NEC AD-7173 & the NEC AD-7173A if so, I really would like to know, (a link will be more than welcome for any information.) :wink:

2nd Question

is the NEC AD-7173-(A) compatible with NERO 6 StartSmart v6.6.1.4 (because of it’s LabelFlash Techniek), or do I need a different Serial Number to activate the LabelFlash option !!!

Mine begins with Serial [b]1A25-…/b sometimes I get an error, and sometimes not, so which is the correct Serial (Only the Beginning of the Serial Please)" Like 1A25… for the NEC LabelFlash Option.

TNX in Advance :bow: ,

Any Information or help would be more than welcome… !! :slight_smile: