Nec AD-7170S SATA Drive, any opinions about it?

I have seen one of these drives recently and i am considering buying it. Does any one have any experience with it? How does it compare to AD-71-70? Does the fact that it uses SATA interface give you any trouble?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

It’s the same as the AD-7170 except for the SATA interface.
It will make trouble if you don’t make sure (before buying) that it is compatible to the mobo.

In case you should buy this drive and if it’s supported by your mainboard, I’d be very much interested in the firmware :o

Well, thank you both for your responses, i will be getting this drive today probably, and i can upload the firmware, if you give me instructions :slight_smile: I suppose i will use BinFlash to rip it from the drive, and then i upload it where?

You should be able to use my Upload script. But if that doesn’t work, I can also provide you with an email address.

I habe the driver here. How can I dump the firmware? Binflash says unknown drive.

Instructions sent as a PM. I hope writing in German was OK. :wink:

It’s ok. :slight_smile:

Well, i get the “unsupported drive” too! :frowning: It seems it is not compatible with my motherboard (MSI K9N Platunum, AMD cpu, NCP 570 Chipset). I will try it on a different motherboard (Intel Core 2 Duo cpu and Intel Chipset) soon.

I can see the drive in device manager, but system response is VERY slow, and pretty much every attempt to communicate with the drive inside Windows leads to unresponsive system :frowning:

Anyway, i can still try to extract the firmware, if you send me instructions :slight_smile:

[post=1631972]This[/post] could help. But I think your firmware won’t differ from the one that RaverXX already sent me. I expect to upload this one (incl. RPC1 patch) today. But my wife first wants me to do some work in the garden. :Z

Is the SATA firmware the same as the ATA?

No. It’s different and I think you shouldn’t try to force flashing SATA firmware on a PATA drive or vice versa.

Thank you for the updated Binflash. I will try it today on a Pentium D motherboard (945PL), that recognizes the drive correctly.

Is there a list somewhere with supported MOBO’s?


I don’t think so. Probably it’s not the Mobo itself, but the used SATA-controller / chipset

Ok thanks Liggy.

Girlfriend is in Germany at the moment, she’ll grab me a 7173S, Optiarc is not available in Australia at all. If you don’t have the firmware when I get it, (wont be for another 4 weeks) I’ll be more than happy to upload for you.

Since she already is in Germany, she could just give the drive to me. She wouldn’t get it back of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding. I’d be happy to get the firmware from you.

Liggy, ended up never getting the drive, usual story, shop says in stock when ordering, but once paid, they don’t have it, and on backorder.

So can’t help with firmware

I bought the very same drive and today I returned it.
You can read here my experiences with it.
Anyway, I’ll replace it with IDE drive…

Got my 7173S today. How can i dump the firmware? :slight_smile: