Nec Ad-7170a

Hello all. I just got a NEC AD7170A but have not installed it yet. I looked at the software CD and it appears to be a version of Nero 7. My question is: Does this drive only work with Nero 7? Can I use Nero 6.6 with it? I have a full version of Nero 6.6 on my computer and it will be nice to be able to continue to use it.

its logical that you first instal the drive. and test it with nero 6
it must be no problem
i have the same drive and it works nice with nero 7

need driver per nec-ad7170a

I asked this exact question a week or two ago - a search would’ve turned up the answer.

But to save your fingers - Nero 6.6 should work fine with it. Make sure you get v6.6.1.4 from Nero’s FTP server though.


optical drives don’t need special drivers :rolleyes:

just MS standard drivers

Thank you. I have already tested the drive (upgraded with Liggy’s bitsetting firmware) with the full version of Nero myself and it works fine. DVDs (both +R and -R) burn perfectly.