Nec Ad-7170a Vs Nec Nd-3500



Hello all,

I m about to decide which one of these two I will keep. I know ND-3500 is much older than 7170A but what exactly are the differences between them?

I notice that in 7170a I can’t change the DVD region more than 2 times. Is it something like hardware lock? Is there a way to bypass that? I do not think there was something similar on 3500. Could that be a reason to keep the old model?

Thank you in advance.

ps. I haven’t find any good review on 7170 contrary to 3500/3550 which was top pick at many hardware reviews (anandtech etc).


keep both (if you can).


Thank you for your answer. I would appreciate very much if you could explain why.


If you’re keeping one, I’d keep the 3500.


Well by keeping both you can try both, and then decide which one is the best (for your needs), for me there isnt a simple answer like keep this or that, it’s only what does what you want to do, and how well it does it.