NEC AD 7170A need help

hello sorry dont know where to post my problem about my NEC DVD writer. uhm i cant make it run on Ultra DMA mode 4 (I’ve been searching this forum for awhile) I did change my IDE to 80 pins, update my VIA chipset, update my dvd firmware to 1.03 install and uninstall my DVD drive, still it detects as multi-word DMA mode 2 (on my secondary IDE) and my HDD is detected as Ultra DMA mode 5 (on my primary IDE). I think my board support UDMA modes but still cant manage to change it to UDMA mode 4. can u help me about this or any idea on how to fix my problem. thank you very much.

my specs
winxp sp2
AMD athlon 1800
jetway V266B
NEC dvd optiarc AD 7170A
Samsung CD-rw (not connected at the moment)

Check your bios, maybe it’s set in udma2 mode there.

vroom thnx for the reply. i checked my bios under via onchip ide and these are what i found
primary ide PIO auto (and i have options to change it from mode 0 to mode 4)
secondary ide PIO auto (same)

primary ide UDMA auto (options i have is enable and disable only)
secondary ide UDMA auto (same)

i’ll try to run my DVD on PIO only, would it be ok to run at PIO, I’ve read that it sould be in DMA if available. thank you for the help. :slight_smile:

No, it will not be ok to run in pio-mode, at least with udma2 you can burn fine @16x with pio-mode you’ll only get 4x-8x max burn, so if udma4 isnt working, leave it in udma2.

vroom ok sir thnx for the advice and for the help. I will still try to find ways ^^ have a great day sir vroom

Have you installed Via Busmaster Drivers for your IDE channels. (Via 4In1 drivers)

Uninstall and reboot. Windows will use MS native IDE drivers.

jbv nope i use update VIA HyperionPro Driver(5.x). but i’ll try to install via busmaster drivers thnx alot for the help.

My post say [B]uninstall[/B] Via drivers for the ide controller.

Via Hyperion and 4In1 install Via drivers for ide controller.

Uninstall Via ide drivers.