NEC AD-7170A Media? or Patch?

:bow: Hi all; This is my first post, so please be gentle! This might sound silly but when i updated my firmware from 1.02 to 1.03, my drive was slave on secondry controller, will this have any effect on the firmware loaded?..
I ask this cos i seem to be having trouble with writing DL, both types of media i use (DATAWRITE) have problems, the CMC MAG D01 (2.4x) appears to write ok but is jerky when played back, and the RICOH JPN D01 (8x & 6x) fails after writing about 60% {5 saucers so far!!}. Single layer seems ok (CMC MAG M01 8x).

Any assistance would be most appreciated

Hi and Welcome!

the only DL media that can be trusted today is Verbatim. So try these and see if that works.


OK Will try some…
One of my other systems has an ‘old’ NEC ND-2510A and the DATAWRITE ‘CMC MAG D01’ is ok on that one, although it won’t write on the RICOH JPN D01… strange eh!

No. Not strange. The firmware probably doesn’t recognise the media. A firmware update may help.

I have just reconfigured my system with the AD-7170A as master on secondry & flashed with Liggy’s 1.04… Run NERO speedtest and it actually runs this time! {got a strange error message before!}
I will try the ‘CMC MAG D01’ media again & see what happens!

thanks for responses so far

Don’t waste money and time but buy Verbatim DL…