NEC AD-7170 SlimLine Quality?



I’ve purchased HP Pavilion dv1000 with TSSTcorp TS-L532M DVD-+RW about a year ago. After few months of using it I realised that that writer is the worst possible I could’ve got. I tried to find some firmware for it to flash it but after I’ve seen in forums just how many people have problems with it, I’ve decided to just swap it instead of flash it.

The only laptop type DVD RW that I can find I short period of time is NEC AD-7170.

Does anyone have particular experience with this drive? Is it good quality? I burn a lot of DVD's and always use Verbatim (MCC) (or Taiyo Yuden) discs.
I got to the point when both writers that I have in my house are failing writing the discs (the other one is just too old to support 16x discs now found everywhere) so I need a quick but good quality fix asap.

Thanks in advance…


That’s not a laptop drive. You’re looking for either the AD-5540 or AD-7540 (adds DVD-RAM support). If you’re in Europe, you can get the AD-7543 which adds LabelFlash support on top of that.


Yep. You’re right. IT support in company I called gave me the wrong model # first time. The right one is in fact AD-7540A like you said (has DVD-RAM support). I already posted a new thread for this one in hope someone could tell me it’s quality. I flashed TSST drive and it just died (couldn’t boot up the system until I physically removed junk drive out). I flashed couple of BIOS in my lifetime as well as optical drives and it was always cool. But this drive was just my bad luck from the begining. I’m almost glad it died and now I HAVE to buy a new one. :slight_smile: It costs 90 Euro’s.