NEC AD-5540 A and Cable Select

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I have the following problem and ask the forum for help

I´d like to substitute a CD-Rom Combo Drive in my notebook Siemens/Fujtsu Amilo K7600
for a DVD burner NEC AD-5540A.

My hard disc drive is detected as primary master, while my old Combo/CD drive is detected as secondary master.
Since the notebook demands devices set as cable select, I assume that the IDE controller detects the above settings automatically.

My new DVD burner should be set as cable select as well to be detectable.
BUT the new NEC AD-5540A is set as primary master.
The NEC website shows that the said drive is able to be changed to a secondary master setting via “flashing”.


a) Does the flashed/changed setting to secondary master on the new device mean that it will be detected in consideration of the cable-select-necessity?

b) How do I change/flash the settings in a safe manner with the below mentioned tool?
Do I need an additional flash tool?

See the links on this site below!

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The primary and secondary are two totally separate buses. If you plug a drive into the secondary bus, it is not going to appear on the primary bus.

Perhaps you are confusing Master/Slave settings? You can’t have two drives with the same setting on the same bus. Cable Select means that the position on the cable the drive is attached automatically determines if the drive will become the Master or the Slave, it is a wiring issue and not controlled by the IDE controller.

NEC drives are typically configured as Cable Select, it might be necessary to flash them if your laptop require the drive to use Inverse Cable Select (ie you have a Toshiba or other laptop that does things backassward).

Have you tried the NEC drive? Is it conflicting with your hard drive?

Brother Vlad

It looks like the Optiarc slimline drives don’t need to be flashed anymore. If you follow the link that Michael provided, you will find tools that switch these drives to normal or reverse ATA without changing the firmware. I haven’t had the chance to examine these tools in detail, but I assume they just change a single Byte in the area 0x220000-0x220FFF that is evaluated by bootcode and main firmware.

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thanks for your fast responses.

@Vlad: Unfortunately I will get the NEC device next week, so I was not able to try it.
Yeah, perhaps I´m confusing some terms here. I´ll check that out in the German Chat area.

@Liggy: Please see posting in the German Chat area.

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Looks like the problem was caused by NEC using the wrong terms on their website.

The AD-554xA will be distributed configured as “primary Master”.
If your notebook`s device slot needs to be configured as “secondary“ master,
after build in may errors occur as wrong identification (slave),
slow speed (IDE1/ pio) or finally no detection.

The drives don’t care about being primary or secondary master. It’s just about changing between master and slave I think.

just a quick info:

the device is delivered and plays (so far) audio Cds and Dvds and is detected as slave on the second IDE channel (with DMA on). The hard disc drive is master.

If it burns properly, I´ll check out later…

Thanks so far.