Nec Ad-5170a

I’ve been burning for years using a Pioneer 104D, then a Pioneer 110D - I’ve stuck with (-) discs always, having (perhaps incorrectly thought) that they were more stable than (+) discs.

I’ve tried a multitude of discs of late, and with my PC (which has a lot of software faults - can’t get Nero to burn DVD-R for example) I have narrowed it down to using either TDK 16x 4.7 DVD-R and Verbatim 16x 4.7 DVD-R, both burning at 8X. I can also use (and prefer, but I have to buy online) TUFFDISC 16x 4.7 DVD-R.

I’m getting a new PC, and won’t be able to open it up without voiding the warranty and besides the 110D seems to be on its last legs. The new PC comes with an NEC AD-5170A.

I wanted to know how this burner will compare to my old 110D, and also what discs anyone would reccomend for stable, long-lasting burns (I don’t care about burning fast).

Also, if someone says that I’d be better of with (+) discs, apart from my religious obsession with (-), then I’ll give that some thought too. I mainly burn VOB files in an VIDEO_TS folder; sometimes I’ll burn data discs but not often, and I rarely burn CDs. The recorded DVD-Rs are then labelled with a CD-writing pen, not labelled or printed, and then stored in separate sleeves in a container.

Any advice to prolong longevity with this new setup? If the burner is a dog, I’ll change it straightaway, but failing that, which discs the NEC AD-5170A tends to get on with the best, and of those which are the best for withholding data, error-free.

Sorry this is a long post, but I really need to know.


Verbatim & TY should do the job right, both -/+R.

Thanks for replying. I plan to stick with Verbatim, ideally - one question though: I’m not after printable discs particularly as I just write on them, but non-printable Verbatim seem less common than their printable counterparts - does it matter, or are printable surface discs more prone to errors, especially if you then write on them?