Nec AD-5170A or LG H44N?

Guyz, I have taken my LG H44N to guarantee back, becuz it was only readin and writing Dvd’s.but it was not readin CD’s. it was the 2nd time my LG was broken.Now, in the store where i bought it, the guy in charge there told me that i can take a Nec AD-5170A as a replacement.

Then i checked the prices of both Dvd writers, Lg is 34$ and the Nec is 28$ here in Turkey.
What do you suggest guyz ? Should i take the 5170 instead of my 2 times broken H44N ? does it deserve to give a chance ?
Thanks in advance. Sorry for my broken english.

If you compare them on then there’s not much difference except the LG will write to DVD-RAM. Is this important?

If you look at the search for the NEC model number (above) then there’s a review of it.

I would say that is an even exchange. Its new right? gave it good ratings.

Moving this to CD/DVD burners.

Yes, it’s new.

and No it’s not important until i know what is Dvd-ram property.But i can say that ; up to now, I haven’t used the Dvd-ram property for 1 time.

Forgive me, I’m not into Dvd-Cd tools and stuff.

The only thing for now I know is : The nec works louder.