Nec AD-5170A burnt back up copy, but pioneer DV-340 DVD player doesn't read disc

I backed up a DVD9 format movie The Prestige using DVD2One(compressed it to DVD5) and burnt it to a Verbatim DVD+R disc. But my Pioneer DV-340 DVD player doesn’t read the disc.

The burning was successful and the back up disc runs fine on the PC. I have no idea what could be the problem.

My NEC AD-5170A is brand new, bought today. Working fine. But I was doing a DVD9 to 5 compression for the first time. It seems it’s successful on the PC but not on the DVD player.

Any ideas?

P.S. I backed up another movie with the same methods except I didn’t have to compress it, it was already DVD5. It runs fine on the DVD player, though.

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It could be your set top DVD player requires DVD+R media to have booktype DVD-ROM before it can play it. For this you will need a modified firmware that supports BitSetting which you can get here.

Make sure your drive is working correctly before flashing this firmware, as using a modified firmware will void your warranty.

Oh I actually worked it out on my own.

I used DVD shrink to try again and compress it from DVD9 to 5 and burn it. I was sure to set region free this time, and now it works!