NEC AD-4551 DVD-R bitsetting trouble

Hello, this is my first post, my native language is not English (my bad) and I really need help :sad:

Some time ago I bought NEC AD-3550 DVD-RW and eventually convert it to the AD-4551 mode. It was some time ago and I cant remember all steps, but I know that one utility gave me an option regarding bitsetting (something like this): 1 - None; 2 - DVD-ROM; 3 - DVD+R etc. I chose DVD-ROM. That moment I didnt reailize what all those options mean and I thought that DVD-ROM should be the best option for compatibility with my home DVD player.

I have burned about 60 single-layer DVD-R disks, they were completely readable at my DVD player and at my computer. However, after I had replaced my old writer with a new Optiarc-5240, suddenly I realized that I can`t open those DVD-R disks at my computer. Nero shows me something strange in a disk info :doh::
It seems like DVD-R disk has a wrong ID type (CD-ROM)…

My question is: Can I access written volume having wrong bitsetting at the DVD-R disk? Is some kind of program for this case?

I will be very grateful for any help :bow::bow::bow:

Quick update regarding disk ifo:

It’s no good behaviour to crosspost in a forum…

I already answered you here:

Sorry, I didn`t know the exact place for my question.
Please refer this tread as main discussion.