NEC achieves industry first with 16x dual layer +/- DVD recorder

I just posted the article NEC achieves industry first with 16x dual layer +/- DVD recorder.

We came across this news on the NEC UK site, they claim to be the first in the optical industry with a 16x dual layer drive. With a write speed of 16x on both DVD+R …

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4 minutes MAY be just a tad optimistic.

oops, just noticed that 4 min is for a “1 hour” video DVD. that would not be a full DVD.

Pioneer are actually the first ones to come out with a dual 16x +/- dual layer drive. I guess Pioneer use NEC parts so it don’t matter.

Nice to see the UK leading the way for a change!

Why is it that so many companies claim to be “first” with new products when those products actually are not on the shelves? Other companies also claimed to be 1st with non-shipping products. Who was first, NEC or Pioneer? Who knows since neither can be readily purchased.

I think the Pioneer was actually the first since Buffalo drives are now on the shelves in Japan. Buffalo are just rebranded Pioneer. Not surprising that NEC claim it tough since apparently the Pioneer is using an NEC chipset!

The chipset should never be the criteria - it should be down to whose brand is on the product.

You have to realize that all of these “Worlds’ first” claims are usually true due to a SLIGHT variation or feature of the drive. Quote from the press release: " Launching the first 16x dual layer +/- DVD Recorder to include high speed CD function" Now if you analyze this closely, you will see that the NEC 3500A will contain 48X CD-R writing, while the Pioneer A08 only has 32X CD-R burning support. Sooo, TECHNICALLY speaking, the NEC 3500A IS the first 16X dual format/DL DVD writer with “high speed CD function” (48X) as described in their press release. These type of slight specificiation enhancements are common in order to achieve a “worlds’ first” announcement.