NEC 8x burner burning at 4x Help please

Hi guys.

My NEC DVDRW ND-2510A is an 8x burner but will not burn above 4x. I have been using CloneDVD to burn ISO images of DVDs, on a 4x disc at 4x / maximum it takes around 22 minutes to burn a full disc (video - 4.4GB). However, if I use 8x discs and specify 8x / maximum it still takes around 22 minutes.

I have tried a variety of different makes and quality 8x media but still can’t improve burn speed. I have also tried other ISO burning software but to no avail.

I have 512MB DDR2700 RAM and an XP 2100 running Win2K so to my knowledge have the power to burn at 8x, I can’t find any firmware updates that appear relevant.

I am downloading some of the burning software mentioned on this page and will see if these help but in the meantime any suggestions would be much appreciated - I need faster burns - is the only answer to but a new burner or add more RAM?

Thanks in advance oh knowledgeable ones :bow:

Do you have DMA enabled? Did you update your ide drivers? Check jumper settings?

DMA is enabled. Jumpers are configured correctly (DVDRW as master on second IDE) Don’t know how to update my IDE drivers. I’m current with all Microsfot windows updates. Do I need to download generic IDE drivers? Drivers for my particular HD / DVDRW?

Sorry if this is a really stupid question…

Incidentally, could you also tell me what are the minimum requirments for burning DVDs (generally speakiung), because i have an old 400Mhz Celeron with 180MB and 30GB which I may just use for burning my DVDs if possible - that way it wouldn’t matter how long it took because I could still be using my main PC for other things whilst burning on the olf Celeron. Can you stimate how long it oulld take to butn a DVD ISO oin a machin of that spec?

Many thansk.

Go into Device Manager. Where it says IDE controller, expand that. One should say “Secondary Ide channel” right click that and hit properties. There should be update driver button. When you go through the boxes make sure Windows update is checked. If that fails, go to you pc or motherboard manufacturer’s website. Look for the chipset or 4-in-1 drivers. That should update your ide drivers as well. I’ve seen dvd burners work on boxes with lesser specs. I guess you could put it in and see if it works. The burning should work fine, its the encoding that is going to be slow.

Cheers for the help. Got it sorted now anyway. Downloaded DVD Decrypter and it burns the ISOs on a 4x DVD in 14 mins and on an 8x in about 9 mins so all good. What a brilliant bit of software…