NEC 7900A NR CDRW Burning Slowly

AS stated in the title, I am having a problem with burning CDs. My drive burns up to 24x and when I do not have any media in the drive, it states 24x in Nero (6 and 7). When I put in a blank CD, it only lists 8x in Nero and under properties in WinXP. It used to burn at 24x and one day it seemed like it just started to burn at 8x only. I have reinstalled WinXP and it is still the same. This drive is stock.

I have already checked out all the other threads concerning DMA and PIO as well as checked the registry. My BIOS does not state DMA or PIO but only Auto or Off.

I have tried Imation and TDK disks that are rated for 1-52x.

I appreciate any help that I can get. Thanks…

I am running WinXP and here is a screenshot of with the CD in and with the CD out in that order:

It seems that you FW version is quite old! version 1.23 available (or possibly newer is availble) but I cannot find where to get it. :smiley:

Your drives FW simply doen’t support that media at high speeds. Anyway, here is a link for a newer version.

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Careful, this link only applies if the drive in question is Dell rebadged…
[B]“Only for drives in Dell computers”[/B]

BTW, this is a common behavior for CDRW/DVDRW drives and unsupported media. They will burn at slowest speed on “unknown” (not present in firmware) MID’s.
Try other low speed (40x max) media.