Nec 7633+dvdripping

first of all excuse my poor english.
i bought a nec 7633 slim drive to change my old matshita and to solve the problems i had with it,but one of them remains.
the rip for a dvd movie is set most to x2(dvddecrypter)3
i check the dma,it’s ok and it is ultra dma 2(the nec says supports ultra dma 33-what is this?)
Can i do something about this?i read about riplock?
a modified firmware can fix this?i find a 7630 firmware on Liggy’s and Dee’s site
Whatever can help me, i 'll appreciate

Unfortunately I have lots of stress at work at the moment and when I’m back home I mostly just relax.

However I’m already working on the 7633 firmware and fast/rpc1 firmwares are already finished and just need to be linked on my page. I hope to find time for bitsetting and some other drives’ firmwares too soon.

thank you a lot.

Another question’ i have to use binflash?it supports 7633?
thank you again.

ok.i find it.

I have 7633 and I have strange problem that DVD+R DL is readed only by 4x speed (readed, not writted).
DVD+R is readed by 8x speed.

The DVD+R DL media was burned DVD-Video but without CSS.

This is normal for this Optiarc drive? Can I change the reading speed for DVD+R DL ?