NEC 7203S buffer problems



My drive gone bad? What’s with the buffer? P-CAV burning? RMA?

I don’t want to start a new thread, what about LiteOn, that PIE cluster at the end doesn’t look good. I have 2 more scans, but PIE max is 40/41.


Can we see a burst rate test from your Optiarc drive?



The burst rate should be above 40MB/s perhaps higher. The problem seems to be with your SATA controller.
If the SATA controller is on the motherboard, then set it to IDE/emulate IDE mode in the system BIOS and make sure RAID is not enabled. If it’s an add in SATA PCI card, then you will need a standard BIOS for the card, RAID is no use for most optical drives.


Motherboard is P5Q Deluxe. I can set SATA as IDE/RAID/AHCI, default is IDE.
LiteOn burst is 27MB/s. It is on the same controller (ICH10R), and it takes 5:50 to write a DVD, Optiarc takes 7:20, so I still believe the Optiarc is defective.


27 MB/s is still very low.
Here is a typical burst rate from a SATA drive on ICH9.
Check in device manager for the SATA channel that the drives are connected to. They should state UDMA5 or UDMA6.


It states UDMA5 in BIOS and in Device Manager.
On ICH9 motherboard with 7170S I get 40MB/s.
But I don’t see what burst rate has to do with buffer. At 16x speed, transfer rate is around 21MB/s, so 25MB/s burst should be enough.


No more ideas than Dee about the low burst rate of the drive…

For the buffer issue, also check the DMA and fragmentation of the hard disc(s) which is(are) the source of the data.

Also, with some troublesome systems and/or heavy fragmentation, CDSpeed’s default buffer size is too small. Try the settings in this thread. If it helps, then it means something’s off with your system.