NEC 7200A not reading well

I own a NEC Optiarc AD-7200A RPC1 v.1.06
I never used it much, but lately It has been having a HARD TIME reading discs; especially boot CDs/ DVDs.
Sometimes it will fail and I will have to reboot, most of the time it will eventually read the data.

The discs ARE NOT AN ISSUE, nor is booting from the CD drive (i have been using my old LG secondary drive lately, just to get the job done) 99% of my discs are burned on a Pioneer 115, I only use Verbatims. The discs are not an issue (nor how they are burned) since the only drive (out of 6 that I have in use) that has any issues reading is the NEC AD-7200.

Is there a firmware to correct this or should I just buy a new drive?
what would you all suggest? I want an all around good drive (decent read/ decent write, speed is not a major issue) This is in my secondary tower.

Thank you

Are you using Verbatim DVD-R or DVD+R? There is a firmware update for the 7200A you might try:

Thank you for the response.
Actually I haven’t seen a issue with reading/ booting DVDs (i use DVD+R), the issue I seem to be having is with CD-Rs. Particullary with the Acronis boot CD i burned (I use this tower more as a shell for working on other computers than as a personal computer). Thinking it was the disc I burned; I burned another, same probs.

The drive sounds like there is a lot of activity going on when trying to read a disc. Then right before I posted, the drive failed to read the disc. I popped it in the secondary/ Slave drive (an OOOLD LG DVD-ROM GDR8162B v.033) and POW it spun up and read significantly faster than the NEC. Thus I began to wonder if there wa an issue with CDrs in this (NEC 7200A) drive. I am going to try the firmware you posted I will let you know.


flash didn’t do anything.
Basically it reads like 4X slower than the LG. And sometimes it gets hung up and cannot finish the boot (when using a CD)

I applied the v 1.08 to MCSE . The firmware opened and the option to increase read speed was avaliable. I put a check in there and created the MCSE version of 1.08 but it kept failing to update so I went back to the regular 1.08

I also checked the power supply (basically i swaped in a larger unit) with the same results.

Is the NEC 7200A just a slow reader?? I dunno mine sounds like ther is a speed changes and shifting happening when it tried to read / boot a disc. Any help would be appreciated.