NEC 7173AD cannot burn +DL properly (1.M1)

I have had this drive since Christmas and it has done very well in most types of media i have burned. I have just recently started to burn +DL discs on it maybe about 2 months ago.

I brought some AOne media which had the RicohD01 media code. I was able to burn them well and they would read, however they did have high PIE (mostly 2nd layer) But this isn’t my problem.

I just brought 100 AOne +DL discs last week and i can’t burn them anymore. 50% of the time i get an error at the very start 30% of the time i get an error somewhere in the burn and the 20% chance it will actually burn but it doesnt read after that anyway. And when it actully gets to the end of the burn it errors out on finalizing disc with imgburn!

I have the latest 1.M1 firmware. (I have tried others 1.02, 1.03 but its the same issue)

I thought it must be the discs, so i RMA them for some PiData which have a RitckS04 dye. I get the same problem again. Its getting costly now and i am starting to actually think my drive is gone. It can still burn DVD-R fine so what the hell is going on!

Probably the media. The only really safe DL media to use is Verbatim.
But since you have 100 of these RiTek discs and obviously spent a fair amount of money on them, it might be worth getting a Pioneer 112 series drive to burn them. If the Pioneer can’t burn them, then dump the discs and put it down to a costly but hopefully, a learning experience.

I have found that the most recent AOne +DL are faulty and many people reports this, however why does my NEC7173A not burn any +DL very well?

I found the solution! My dad had a old Sony Q28A which is infact a LiteOn 1693S. I crossflashed the drive with the latest KS0B firmware and now i am burning them so sweety i wouldnt of believed it was possible. Ok i can only burn them at 2.4x compared to 8x but its results are amazing and i think very close to Verbatim quality in my opinion.

It is the NEC7173! Its crap at burning +DL!

Look at the difference!

You didn’t scan both discs on the same drive so the quality can’t be compared. Although the Lite-On scan is better, PI errors are still very high and out of spec on the 2nd layer. Don’t expect that disc to be readable in 1 years time. :slight_smile:

my friend also bought 100 aone dual layer and he can`t get any of them to burn with his nec 7173s also his pioneer 112 will not burn them also i have tried them on my nec 7173a and it will not burn them also it looks like they are a really crappy cheap disk

  cheers  bighun1952

Why would you buy crappy DLs in a 100pack??

Well back few months i tried some of these discs by buying just 2 packs of 10 and some Verbatim. I only really wanted to test for backing up my XBOX360 games and they worked great, PIE and PIF were generally poor but they were not even close to what they are now.

Why would i buy 100 crappy discs? well for the same amount of money i got the 100 i could of got 25 Verbatim discs. Their media is just far too high and i’ve had enough of being ripped off.

I honestly didnt think they would be this crap. I have sent them back to SVP now so it all worked out in the end.