NEC 7170A vs Samsung SH-S182D vs Lite-ON

Hi, could you help me decide which drive to choose? I have following requirements:

  1. Good quality burn&read :cool: especially on rewritable;
  2. Disc quality scanning PIE, PIF, etc.;
  3. DVD-RAM support;
  4. Low resource consumption - I have old machine 800MHz, 256 RAM.

NEC AD-7170A, Samsung SH-S182D or Lite-ON SHM-165P6S which one should I take (or maybe something else)?

I have the LiteOn 160P6S (same as the 165P6S but w/o lightscribe and dvd-ram) and the Samsung SH-S182M (same as the “D” but w/ lightscribe). I’d say the LiteOn’s probably your probably the best all around choice. Media from high quality to crummy burns great on the Samsung. However the LiteOn always seems to produce slightly higher better results. Disc quality scanning on my Samsung is fairly consistant and “right”. Apparently some recent batches of the “D” apparantly are not reliable scanners. This may apply to the M, but nothing has been posted here in regards to that. The LiteOn also has the added advantage of jitter scanning now. In terms of rewritable media, I only have a few RICOHJPN W11 DVD+RW’s that I’ve tried on both burners and the burn quality on those were about the same for each drive. With DVD-RAM, one nice advantage of the Samsung over the LiteOn is that it can write it can write at 12x over the 5x. Finally, a large number of disc quality scans posted of the NEC show seemingly random PIF spikes. In addition, NEC’s are not very good disc quality scanners. Hope that helps.

I’ve found a new candidate - Lite-ON LH-18A1P . Do you know whether it has jitter scanning too? I think it’s cool to have it - if it’s unique to LiteOn I would take it. And it has 12x DVD-RAM.

According to this thread ( the general feeling appears to be that it’s a bit rushed and not as good. Maybe firmware updates in the future might make it better, I don’t know. The newest generation of LiteOn’s are able to do jitter scanning. BenQ does as well, but they’re closing up shop in US markets and I think Europe as well. Plextor also does jitter scanning, but it seems nowadays they are way overpriced for average quality drives. Oh, by the way, I think I read somewhere the LiteOn is somewhat CPU intensive when burning (or was it reading) at high speeds. I personally don’t notice this first hand because I usually leave the computer when I’m burning a disc.

:confused: I can’t find single scan showing that Lite-ON LH-18A1P does jitter scanning, Plextor - too expensive for me, BenQ… hmm yet another brand… but it’s only 5xDVD-RAM (DW1670) perhaps a bit old drive. I can see 18A1P actually at 1st place

Here’s a jitter screenie.

Great, thanks. I think I’m convinced now, here are other jitter scans

Do you really need 12X DVD-RAM? In my area, 12X DVD-RAM disc costs nearly USD$11! 3X/5X RAM is enough and reasonable for me.

I have a BenQ 1640/1655, Liteon 165P6S. Regarding burn quality, I would say they are marginally equal. Sometimes Liteon got better, and sometimes BenQ got better. I suspect this due to media variation. I prefer BenQ due to their enormous features. BenQ is a all-around burner, and Liteon is a less all-around burner. Don’t get me wrong, Liteon is a great burner as well. But Liteon just lacks some fun features.

I think you won’t regret of getting one of both drives. They are both great drives.

Good point loimlo. Actually I haven’t seen yet 12xRAM discs at my place. So speaking of BenQ (DW1670 is most decent model where I live), do you mean it has those advanced scanning features?

BenQ 1670 is different with 1640/165x. 1670 is unable to scan CD/DVDs due to Panasonic chip inside. 1670 is still a decent burner just for burning CDs/DVDs. But I want some more funny toys from burner. You may call me freaks :o

If you can’t find any Philips-based BenQs, go for Liteon. I would suggest to get a 165P6S instead of 18A1P. 18A1P is a bit premature for firmware development. However, as one month or two goes by, 18A1P’ll be great.

By the way, 12X RAM disc is incompatible with 2X/3X/5X RAM burners. Only 12X drive compatible!

Hi, I bought 165H6S (HS0E) because it was a lot cheaper than other drives (I wanted 165P6S but the guy gave me H by mistake LOL). But I can’t make CDSpeed 4.7 do a jitter scan, I ticked ‘Jitter (DVD)’ but still don’t work.
Another thing, KProbe v2.5.2 doesn’t scan CDs at all - it just starts and shows result instantly. Any ideas why?



Try scanning at 4x speed.

Another thing, KProbe v2.5.2 doesn’t scan CDs at all - it just starts and shows result instantly. Any ideas why?
Same here. Maybe a problem of Kprobe or the firmwares of the 6S series drives. But as Liteon DVDRW drives are useless for scanning CD media, this behaviour of Kprobe can be considered as “good”.


It’s even better! DVD-RAM+Lightscribe! Currently, Liteon supports only 4X scanning with jitter. Just be patient for 4X scanning and new CDSPEED release :bow:

Use CDSPEED to scan CDs. Though Liteon drives tend to report optimistic results. For Scanning DVDs, Liteon is great. However, for CDs, BenQ&NEC are superior. :wink:
Take a look at my sign, I have first hand experience.

Thanks guys, @4x the drive scans jitter. BTW what are good results for jitter? I can’t check that in wiki, it doesn’t load… I second that CD scans are optimistic with CDSpeed and this drive :slight_smile:

Well, officially jitter is not supposed to be over 9%. But pretty much everything under a maximum of 13% or so is fine.

Well, LH-A181P and LH-A181H are the same (except the LightScribe thing), right?
'Cause I’m planning to buy two SH-A181H, one for reading and one for writing. I don’t know much about those Jitters and that stuff. I just want to know if this drive is good at reading and burning. Doesn’t have to be perfect, should just burn nice, readable CD/DVDs/DVD9, etc. even on cheaper discs. And anyone knows how fast it is at ripping DVD/DVD9 and how fast disc access is?

Thanks :slight_smile:

One more question: do you know why older version of CD-DVD Speed 4.04 does ‘ScanDisc’ with no problems (using my 165H6S (HS0E)) whereas 4.7 only does ‘Read test’ and when I try ‘PI/PO test’ it shows all sectors black.