NEC 7170A any good?


Since i cannot find any Benq DVD-burners, will this one do?
Will it do quality scanning? Will it burn Verbatim 16x DVD-R and Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R allright?


It’s a good drive. There are a number of threads in this forum where you can judge for yourself. :wink:

The initial reviews of the AD-7170A seemed to indicate it was a good drive. Really good, in fact. However, right after I ordered mine, I started to get a sense from reading the forums that some people were having serious problems with the AD-7170A’s they were getting, while others were not. Sure enough, the first AD-7170 I received produced only garbage with 16X Verbatim MCC004 written at any speed from 8X to 16X!

I RMA’d the drive back and now the new AD-7170A does better burns on the same media at the same speeds than my BenQ DW1650, which I always thought worked pretty well! In fact, 16X burns on the MCC004 are significantly better in the Optiarc than in the BenQ.

I personnaly think the AD-717X series drives have potential to be really good, if not great, drives. But I also think that maybe NEC/Optiarc’s quality control is varying all over the map right now. If you can manage to get a good one it’ll be very good. If you get a bad one, you may or may not want to try again.

what are it’s burn curves? where’s a preview/review?

if you look at the preview of the 7173 you’ll find it’s burn curves.
or you can try the modified thread.

everytime i click the link it takes me to the 7171 review

7171 review??? sure about that? you should go to the Optiarc AD-7170 modified thread. Any way, i’ll guess that the burn curves are the same fot the x71x series, and so the 7173 preview should show almost everything that you want.

The hardware of the 7170 and 7173 is identical, as is the hardware of the SONY AW-G170 which you can also find in this forum.

Hi Dee-27

Since Optiarc is not available in Australia, I’m tempted to get the SONY AW-G170.
A first I thought that since 7170 and 7173 is same hardware as the AW-G170, I would be able to flash a AW-G170 into a 7173. But been reading on your firmware page where you say: “both drives share the same hardware and only differ in firmware. However you should not try to simply flash an Optiarc 7173 firmware on an Optiarc 7170 drive or vice versa. This will NOT work.” Is the trick to use a tweaked firmware, and binflash, or simply not possible? Hate the idea of having the Sony name anywhere in my PC

Thanks as always for all the info you girls and guys provide here!

You can flash it to a 7170 without issue as i have done thanks to liggy and Dee and their efforts.

Thanks, just found the

Gives a bit more info about the subject, but still uncertain about the 7173 possibilities.