NEC 7170A and Dee's firmware



I was wandering if Dee-27 is going to do a modified Liggy’s firmware based in the last firmwares that Liggy worked with.
Actually I am working with 1.M1 dee’s :bow: firmware and I don’t remember very well, but I read that Dee was planning to do a new firmware. Is Dee going to produce a new firmware based on Liggy’s firmware 1.05?
Also, I have a 3550@4551 with firmware 1-X3 :bow: and I would like to know if there is going to be a Dee new firmware based on liggy’s 1.09.
Thank you


I halted 7170 firmware development due to lack of interest and the fact that many users were reporting severe problems with this range of drives.

I certainly wont develop anymore firmware for the 4551, sorry. :slight_smile:


Well, I’m sorry to hear this:sad:
Thank you for your great effort:)
I’m think is time to buy new stuff
Thank you again