NEC 7170 doesn't hit 18x

using the Verbatim 16x (which as we all know registers as being able to hit 18x with dvd decrypter) can’t get past 10x, same with NERO.
The drive is in “multi-word dma mode 2” not PIO, so what else could it be?
My other drives couldn’t hit 16x with decrypter either, last time I checked too.

Multi-Word DMA mode is not fast enough to achieve 18x or 16x recording, and probably not even 12x.

Perhaps Windows XP has throttled back your DMA mode due to errors that have occured during reading from that drive?

Have a look on this page: DMA reverts to PIO

I believe that your UDMA speed mode should be set to dma66 to maximize its potential. However, you may have a problem if you are using a 40pin conducter belt.

Changed it in BIOS to UDMA 4 , (this is the first drive I had that needed that change) so it hits like 16x now, not quite 18x.