Nec 6750a



I have a toshiba satellite pro 6100, I’m trying to get a better informed opinion than mine, I have had three other slim drives on this computer, dvd/cdrw combo m/s, a dvdr/cdrw m/s, and a dvdrw dl csel (changed m/s temp mod then flashed). I’m looking for a new drive, all of the other ones still work. one is mine another is my father’s and the last one is a trial and error, which worked, for a friend of mine. I want one of my own to replace the crappy dvd/cdr but I’m sick of the coasters after verifying the data. I’m looking into the nec 6750a and a pioneer k16, other options might be considered, but those are my main choices. I know the both fit, and i’m pretty sure that the nec wil drop in and work, but coasters and "doa"s have scared me from nec and dvd ram is an added benefit of the pioneer. I would appreciate some suggestions. BTW I’m not looking for a vs thread to start, just that my situation calls for previous experiences which people have had in forums, so that I can better judge my decision. Thanks for your time. O also BTW my drive works in the second IDE channel as master, and like I mentioned, from a previous trial, csel will give me boot error but if it can be modded I’ll be fine.


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There is no firmware for the Pio to make it suitable for any slimline connection type, but for the NEC is or should be.
The guru’s like Liggy & Dee would know more.


sorry, i’m new, but what do you mean by crossposting, if by that you mean “vs. threads” then sorry I thought I read the guideline and saw nothing about vs threads. anyways my intention is not to cause any havoc, I just wanted an opinion from people who have had experienced the nec 6750a and probably many others like it. I have not and would like to use all tools at my disposal to get to a better and informed decision. as for the pioneer it was one of my other options, it would be rather surprising to find that a decision of that specific nature would leave only two possible solutions and both of the same maker.
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Maybe you could read some reviews about those drives - they usually can answer most questions.
And search for threads about them. :wink:


I just read about crossposting, and I understand. it won’t happen again. As for seaches and reviews, been there done that. I found out some details, but remember that reviews like those in my regular online purchasing site are somewhat dificult to value, you can’t verify the knowledge of the user as to user error or just unlucky doa. Also you can’t continue a conversation in which you can further evaluate the product or its uses applied to your needs. the reasons are many, but that resource has been used.
I also search for reviews at sites which review hardware, hard to come by, especially for laptop drives, also used as a resource.
Lastly I posted the same question in two of these forum’s divisions and a similar question at a thrid division. do you have any idea how many answers I got. 1 stating the media quality is key, which most people know. and yours which was really helpful because I didn’t know about the firmware unavailability for pio drives. while waiting for replies I have searched many of this forums’ pages and have found a couple of tidbits, one was a good level of reasoning behind the firmware flashing vs. soldering mod. I appreciate your attention and this forums’ resources.



May have also a look here: