Nec 6750A doesn´t recognize burned DVDs

Hi, some time ago i posted a message asking for a problem with this writer with verbatim DVD-Rs. But it was a mistake, i haven´t got problems with verbatim, i have problems with all DVD-Rs burned with this writer (i haven´t tested with DVD+Rs yet). It´s very strange because some times it recognizes the burned DVD (after inserting it more than twice) but the most common case is it doesn´t recognize it. And the problem is only with DVDs burned with this recorder, if i try DVDs burned with others it reads them fine
I have original firmware 2.61 since i bought it.
Any idea?

Use the latest 2.42 firmware for your drive. I have no problems burning DVD-R media.

Do [B]not[/B] try to convert your drive to use the 2.T* series of firmwares. They are just for slave-bootcode drives.

BTW, the firmware kind of messes up the burn speeds on Verbatim (aka MCC) DVD+/- 8x media. They have the 8x MID’s locked to 6x. I had to use Media Code Speed Edit (MCSE) to unlock the 8x speed.

i have the same problem. my dvd-rw suddenly stopped reading burned dvds (both +r and -r)
it reads perfectly burned cd-r, dvd-rom,blank dvds it burns without error.
i messd up :
i tried all of firmwares. no result.
any idea to fix this… ?

Now i have changed the firmware to the 2.41 and it works fine. It reads all dvds burned before without any problem. Thanks for the advice

I said 2.42 not 2.41, but if you’re happy with that one then stick with it.

Yes, sorry. It´s the 2.42, not the 2.41