NEC 6750 DOA from Newegg

Just got this drive thursday, installed it in a Dell B120 laptop,it recognzies in device manager fine, is set to dma mode, it will not read or burn and dvd disc’s
Ive bought many drives before and never had a problem!!
Dvdecypter says a power calibration error, Nero doesnt work either, i dont know what it could be but a bad drive?

Sh*t happens, be thankful Newegg is a great online retailer and will RMA it with no problems, I know its a pain but you are not the first person this has happened too. Check your power connections before you RMA it.

Power connections?, it’s a laptop drive, just pop it in thats all you can do.
I think the laser is not calibrated properly the drive reads fine in windows, just wont even read a cd or dvd!!!
Thanks Alan


At least two other peoples have problems with this drive, though both of us are using B130. See this thread: “firmware needed for nec 6750”
I’ve sent mine back for an exchange. But now it looks more like it’s not the drive, but other incompatibility issues between Dell B130/120 and this drive. Sigh. Probably should’ve just returned it. I did the RMA online, and it’s pretty quick and painless.

Thats what i was afraid of cdsamc!!!
I find it very rare to get a defective drive today.
I think it’s a Dell bio’s problem,it shows up fine and works good, just didnt read anything.
Also my drive has a build date of dec 2005, same as yours?

yeah we are waiting patiently for cbsamc to get his new drive in the mail…
i was thining of just buying another one tomorrow, overnighting it to see if it is indeed the drive or the laptop. i think it may be the laptop also…

bud, so your drive cant read anything? do you have any personally burned dvds or cds lying around that you can try in the drive? if your personally burned dvds work in your drive then that would probaly let us know its more of a laptop issue…

someone on newegg posted a review that this drive worked fine for their b130 which prompted me to get it right then after reading it!

Drive Fit Dell B130 Perfectly.

Pros: I was looking for a DVD-R drive for my Dell B130 laptop that would not put a $xxx dent in my wallet. This one fit the bill. It worked perfectly. The only drawback was that the face plate on this drive is a bit smaller than the Dell drive face plate. This is not a show stopper but it would look better if the plate was a bit taller. Other than that it was a perfect fit and the computer recognized the drive right away. It works great!

Cons: No cons other than the face plate.

Other Thoughts: If you decide to purchase this for your B130 and you want to change the face plate to use the face plate of the drive that came with the B130 get an inexpensive set of jewelers screw drivers ($x or less). Remove the drive that you are replacing from the laptop. Open both drives (before you insert the new one into the machine). This can be done using the end of a paper clip and sticking it into the hole in the from of each drive. Once open, the face plate for the drive is held on to the carriage by four plastic tabs. Using a flat head jewelers screw driver carefully push in the pastic tabs on each end and the face plate releases. Carefully remove it and then carefully snap it into place on the new drive and you are good to go.

Reviewed By:
This reviewer reports that his/her technical understanding of this type of product is high and has owned this product between 1 day to 1 week.

so how does it work for him and not for us???

one thing i think we should do is post up a review on newegg about the drive and the b130/120 issues…

i did saying it SUCKS!!

I was the person that posted the review on New Egg for this drive and unfortunately I don’t know what to tell you guys. I guess I just got lucky because the drive has worked really well for me so I don’t know that it is a firmware issue but rather a drive issue. When I installed my drive the system recognized it right away. It reads premade DVD’s (movies), Audio, CD-R/RW and I have been able to write to DVD-R on it without a problem. I will say that when I got my laptop I removed almost every piece of software that Dell had installed on it, I upgraded the memory to 1G and the operating system to Windows XP Pro. I will take a look tonight to see what version of Nero I am using. The only other thing that is unique about my machine is that it is a Dell refurb instead of a brand new machine but that should not make any difference with regard to the drive. I apologize if some of you got this based on the review. I will happily take a look at what I am running software wise if that helps you out.

What is the build date on your drive?, it’s possibly we got a defective drive, i reinstalled the original cd-rw and it does work, so that idea of a defective laptop is out, all of us have upgraded our op system to XP pro, i did try to burn last week when i first got it and using the sonic software it did fail!
Today Nero 6.6 and i tried 7 still give power calibration errors.
Newegg lowered the price to $69 and there sold out now, so returning a RMA will prob take a few weeks. :frowning:
No local stores sell slim drives, BB,CC,Compusa dont list any on there websites.
I was thinking of ordering a Samsung drive as to test a different drive

Newegg lowered the price to $69 and there sold out now, so returning a RMA will prob take a few weeks. :frowning:

Newegg is not sold out. I just ordered my second drive! :iagree:

They lowered the price and then took it out of stock, another Newegg Scam, now they are back it’s $79 plus shipping,when i ordered this drive it came next day, so when i send it back all the way to cali it will take min 2 weeks before i see it.
I’m starting to wonder why did i need a laptop burner when i have 3 in my main pc with 1.5 teragig of hd space???
A 40 gig laptop hd is hardly enough space to be burning dvd’s anyway!!!
So after 5 days so far of aggrevation and lost sleep over this worthless burner it’s going back for a refund!!
Adios Amigo’s and back to my excellent BenQ 1640!!!

i got one today, put it in my dell i9300 and it works perfectly.

faceplate switched and everything.

weird thing. it takes my pc 5 minutes to burn full dvd at 6x.
it took my laptop, which is faster, 9 minutes.

so you have a b130? yo uare the one that stated it works perfect on a b130? yeah your post made me get it! :stuck_out_tongue:

i must say i have the b130 and i loaded up my own win xp pro NOT dells and i have 2gb ram and 100gb drive. i bought another drive monday to test to see if its a drive or laptop and the new drive does the same thing… so i dont think its a drive issue . if you will, can you pull out your drive and post the serial number? i have both serial numbers to the drives i have and the other one i sent back to RMA refund, so maybe your drive is a later (or newer) number and maybe have a different firmware version than ours… long shot but im trying to figure out why yours is the only one that works after i have tried 2 drives, one from the newegg TN waerhouse and the original from the Cali warehouse… so i think its strange, so yes pleasew post what programs you have…

also, did you reload your operating system or did you keep it like it was when you bought it? maybe there is a driver on the dell installed software thats missing when you load up your own OS??? possibility?

EDIT: OK so you did remove all software off your laptop. i saw that after i re-read your post… lol!

i say my drive will read anything personally made but has difficulity reading , say, software Cds. it has been able to read commercial DVDs but it takes like 2 or 3 minutes to read them… ill burn today and see what happens… (END EDIT)

I too was thinking because all of us altered our XP software that could of been the cause, my first defective drive was shipped from NJ, i now have a replacement coming for TN!!!
I did try the factory drive and it burns cd’s and reads dvd’s fine, so i doubt it’s the laptop’s fault.
I ordered a new XPS laptop and should be here next week, will test the NEC’s on that also.
Here is my serial # of my defective is 5ZNBH66C111 dec 2005 build date
I hoping we have a bad batch but find it odd only Dell 120/130 users are having this issue.

thx bud, please keep us posted on youre new laptop and the nec drive…

the serial to the first drive from neweg: 5ZPE067C111
the new one that i have now: 5ZNBL05C111

both build dates are Dec 2005

has anyone tried contacting nec to see what they had to add?

SO i called up NEC support and the guy told me this drive is a UK model and as such they (NEC U-S) cant support it. this is why this drive does not show up on the nec website. he also sated the 6650 would be the US version that they support that would be close to this drive. he also stated the new model with the image burning technology (yamaha’s T@2 ) will only be available in the UK.

the fact this drive is a UK only version was news to me… maybe i should just get a 6650?

to the guy with the b130 who has this drive working… please post your serial number and which warehouse you got it from…

Here’s the NEC link for the 6750 from europe
If this drive is susposed to be set as Master then why do our Dell’s report it as Primary Slave?
I think there is no secondary channel in the Dell which could be causing problems?
Also when i first had mine up and running a msg came up telling me to update the bio’s which i did and did anyone else do that before they installed this drive?
Mactronixx what is your burning error?, do you have a power calibration error like me?

I have a power calibration error when I try to burn a dvd. I can read any disk, CD or DVD, premade or written. When I scan a written disk, I got 10 times more errors and failures than I scan using other drives.

I think my problem is that the 6750a I got is a slave. My Compaq R3000 needs a master.

simpleguy, gives us details on your system!!, another one bites the dust!!