NEC 6750->7550 possible?



The slimline DVD Burner NEC ND-7550A was announced by NEC in December 2005 but it has not been for sale yet. The NEC ND7551 burner adds support for LabelFlash but both drives - together with the ND6750 and ND6751 - share the same hardware and only differ in firmware. However you should not try to simply flash a NEC 7551 firmware on a NEC 7550 drive or vice versa. This will NOT work. Expect the first firmware to arrive here very soon. Click here for detailed specifications of the NEC ND7550A.

It says on the Liggy’s page as follows.
So, will it be a good idea if I change my nec 6750A to 7550A and then flash it with a nec 7550A firmware?
Have anyone tried it?


lol, don’t even attempt to try that.


Just to be clear here: you can’t flash 7550 firmware into a 6750 drive even though they use the same hardware?


Is this a question, or a statement?

It is a fairly true statement.

The boot code on the drives is unique, and will not accept the firmware of the other. So while it is possible to flash the firmware, doing so would cause the drive into safe mode where it would just keep blinking the LED.

Brother Vlad


I’m sorry about the confusion, that was definitely a question.

What about flashing the bootcode as well, would that work?